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The 5 Best Reasons to hire a Managed Service Provider

For some businesses, the term "Managed Service Provider" may be newly discovered or still something they have yet to hear about. Managed Service Provider is a new way of saying "IT Support". But, the great thing about Managed Service Providers are the number of benefits from hiring this type of support. In this blog, we want to cover just 5 of those benefits and how they will save you time and money.

Managed Service Provider - What is it?

Most companies cringe at the thought of IT cost. IT cost can be expensive and unexpected in today's landscape and for most businesses hiring a full time IT staff just isn't in the cards. Many times due to a lack of resources and knowledge, IT issues can be set aside until they completely halt business.

Managed Service Providers provide small to medium-sized businesses with those resources and become that needed IT support staff. Managed Service Providers work to become a part of your team and work along side each and every member of your team.

MSPs work very hard to stay on top of all things IT and to stay current with technology trends. Training on the latest products and staying ahead of today's latest security threats is what sets MSPs apart from the traditional break/fix IT Support companies. MSPs also spend hours working with leading distributors and vendors to make sure you have the best prices and best support available.

5 Best Reasons to hire a Managed Service Provider

1. Budgeting

As discussed above, IT cost can be expensive and unexpected. These unexpected cost can make it difficult to budget and prepare for other areas of your business. MSPs will provide you with a monthly rate for their services giving you a very good idea what your IT cost are each month. This usually covers any type of support related to hardware and software identified within your company. You will most likely see extra charges for new hardware or large projects. However, these cost are reduced significantly when you have a trusted MSP that you can count on.

2. Proactive

With traditional break/fix approaches, systems are never maintained and are only attended to when it is too late and the system has already crashed, causing downtime and lost revenue. MSPs take a proactive approach to make sure your systems are maintained daily, weekly, and monthly. This will cut down on those slow PCs, servers, and network resources and help prevent those unexpected crashes that seem to kill everyone's morale.

3. Focus

Most MSPs will charge you with a flat monthly service fee. Unlike, the traditional break/fix support we have mentioned a couple of times, MSPs now have an obligation to make sure they can resolve your issues in a timely manner and resolve it to the best of their ability. When you pay that monthly fee you are hiring a new member to your team and the MSP now has a huge responsibility of making sure your business is running properly. This means they will focus on your business at all times and not just when something breaks.

4. Security

Cyber Attacks are a very big risk with any business today and it is important that you stay ahead of the threats. MSPs work to make sure they are using the latest hardware and software to provide the best possible security to your network and endpoints. MSPs study the latest threats and look for the best possible protection for your business data.

5. Serenity

One thing that a MSP provides you is serenity or simply put "peace of mind". RAM Networks works to make sure every single client is protected and that they have a very valuable resource if needed.

Ready to take on a Managed Service Provider or learn more?

Whether it be outsourcing all or some of your IT needs, RAM Networks would love to help you making your decision or point you in the right direction. Give us a call at (256)489-9274 or email us at


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